About Us

Hawaii is a gorgeous state that simply exceeds anywhere else in the United States - right? If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you’ll know how difficult it is to explain it to people who have not yet been.

But, simultaneously, you’ll want to persuade them to go out and explore the state for themselves.

Hi, my name is Richard Ennis and I have been to Hawaii eleven times so far. I have always been fascinated with the world of Hawaii, ever since I was a young boy learning about it in school. 

I used to have posters of the state hanging all over my bedroom walls.

It wasn’t until I finished high school that I actually got to visit the place that had fascinated me for so many years. I went backpacking across the country, ending with a flight from LA to Hawaii.

My experience there was nothing like I could have ever imagined - it was much better. I was amazed by the sense of community, the beauty of the oceans and the mountains, and the way that locals lived. I never wanted to come home.

However, of course I did have to return to my home state of Ohio. I got a job and my own place, but I still framed a few of my old posters to hang up in my house.

I also started saving part of my wages each month for my next trip to Hawaii.

My wife and I still uphold this tradition and take a holiday every year out to the island - it never gets old. I tell everyone who will listen about the beauty of the place, and now I’m extending that on to you.

So, please enjoy my website and marvel at the state of Hawaii - if I convince you to plan your own trip out there, hope to see you soon!