Best Beaches In Maui

Is it any wonder that so many people flock to Hawai’i every day of every year?

With natural people that few other parts of the world can compete with, as well as a booming tourist industry that leaves others looking lacking, by comparison, Hawaii (also known and spelled as Hawai’i in the native Hawaiian language) is the place to go for sunshine, nature trails, and every other activity under the sun.

Best Beaches In Maui

And we haven’t even gotten started on the beaches!

Every sunny shore on pretty much every Hawaiian island seems to be the perfect place to spend a day relaxing and catching both the sun’s rays and the sea’s waves. Especially considering that all beaches in Hawai’i are open to the public.

Of course, with so many beaches up for being the main occasion of a day out, it can be hard to find the best for you.

This is especially the case if you are not on an island in the archipelago that you aren’t familiar with, or want to find somewhere new.

Ell, that’s what this article is for! We’re going to show you just how many beaches you can find on a single Hawai’ian island, in our case, the island of Maui.

Makena Beach State Park

Starting off our list with the big one, we have the big beach itself, Makena State Park beach!

Also known as Oneloa Beach, which is its authentic name in traditional Hawai’ian, this beach is not just one of the biggest beaches that you’ll find in Hawai’i, but it is also probably one of the prettiest on Maui.

With the beach being split into both ‘big beach’ and ‘little beach’ won’t be struggling when it comes to space, although you may be pressed to find a spot for your towel or chair on this beach at midday!

With two separate points to access it from Makena Alanui road, it shouldn’t be difficult to get to as well.

Make sure you’re there in time though, as the beach is closed in the evening, as rogue waves tend to become an issue as the light drops, so keep that in mind if you want to include this beach on a vacation day plan.

Ka’anapali Beach

Of course, if you’re looking to make sure that the beach you’re going to is big enough for you and a thousand other holiday-goers, then you need to add Ka’anapali Beach to your list of to-go spots!

This three-mile stretch of Hawaiian coastline is so long, that pretty much every beach resort in the Kaanapali area of the island backs up onto it, and still has plenty of room for other beach-goers who are looking for a tropical beachside day.

The wide-open space and shallow incline of the shoreline also make this a great beach for kids, although the beautiful waters might make them a little too excited to stretch their sea legs, so make sure to keep an eye on the little ones!

Plus, with a three-mile stretch that practically dominates this side of west Maui island, there are also a ton of conveniences just lined up along the shoreline, ready to offer whatever services that they provide, from food to amenities (the are public showers and restrooms along the beach too), and pretty much anything else you may need for a beach day!

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Hamao Beach

Up next, we have one of the smallest beaches on our list, though it’s daring to steal the top spot for most beautiful!

With a thousand feet of shoreline, Hamoa beach doesn’t even come close to comparing to somewhere like Ka’anapali. However, what it lacks in sand and shore size, it more than makes up for in its stunning beauty.

From incredibly plant-filled rocky outcrops to the beautiful deep-blue crystal waves that splash at the shore, to the thick Hala tree forest that runs up to the sands.

This beach feels like a secret of the island that you’ve managed to uncover, and a private little beach is your reward.

(Just a small note, but keep in mind that the lack of any reef at the shore means that the waves can get pretty aggressive at times, so watch out if the weather looks rough that day.)

Baldwin Beach Park

Traveling up to North Maui now, we have one of the most popular beaches on the northern shores of Maui, Baldwin Beach Park. With a massive amount of shoreline and long stretches of soft sand, this is the perfect beach for a vacation.

Of course, Baldwin beach is more than just another shoreline to get a tan while lounging on.

This beach is also famous for the many softball and soccer fields that litter its shore, meaning that there are activities to do here, whether you’re a lounger, or a get-up and goer!

Being a wide-open beach with very few hills or foliage, the winds can get pretty wild here, so make sure that you know how to securely fasten or anchor your belongings if and when the wind picks up.

However, if activities in the sun are what you come to a beach for, you will not be disappointed!

Kapalua Beach

When it comes to activities on a beach, however, nothing hit quite the same as going under the waves for a little snorkeling.

Fortunately, Maui is home to many great snorkeling locations, with Kapalua being one of the best on the island for this activity.

With a classic crescent-shaped cove, this is the perfect shallow slice of the sea to get a glimpse of the sands and life under the waves.

With Everything from shoal fish to eels being spotted in these waters, there’s certainly plenty to see out there!


So, whether you are looking for a quiet nook of paradise, or a shore chocked full of stuff to do, Maui has pretty much everything that you could ask for!
Richard Ennis