Best Surfing In Maui

With some of the best waters in the world for riding the waves, it’s no wonder that surfing is such a popular pastime in Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, crystal-blue waters, and weather that is surprisingly calm for an island archipelago. What more could you want?

Of course, with such an amazing abundance of places to set up and try surfing for yourself, many people then run into the problem of actually picking just one or two places.

Best Surfing In Maui

Or, if you are new to the hobby, find a place that will help you get on the board for the first time, or even just a calm place to practice.

Well, that is what we’re going to show you here! In this article, we’re going to help you find the perfect surfing spot for all levels of surfing experience on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

We’re going to show you that, even on a single island, there are more places for surfing than you realize!

Ho’okipa Beach

To start this guide to the best surfing spaces, we have one of the most popular spots on the island, the sunny spot of Ho’okipa beach.

Facing off to the Northern Pacific Ocean, this beach gets just the right amount of ocean currents to pick up some great waves, especially further out for more experienced surfers.

If you’re looking to practice surfing without too much to worry about, we recommend heading down to the beach in the early-morning hours, o you can avoid the winds that may get too intense at the height of the day.

Kitesurfing is a very popular way to catch waves here, especially on the west side of the beach at H’Poko Point.

Depending on where you set up on this beach there is a difficulty range for pretty much every experience and type of surfing out there here. If nowhere else stick in your mind, remember Ho’Opika beach.

The Cove

Ominous naming aside, the cove is a great place to head out to when you are looking for pretty much any beach or water-based activity.

You can find this particular spot in Kalama Beach Park, the Southwest of Maui, and is perfect for surfers who are just starting.

With only a short paddle needed to get some decent waves, this gentle starter to the sport, with gentle, decent-sized waves breaking both left and right of this part of the beach.

Not only is it great for beginner surfers in terms of wave intensity, but it is also great for services.

With both board rental and surfing lessons available from several different places here, as well as plenty of sports courts and a beach for playing and relaxing on, this is the perfect place to head if you don’t know where to start surfing.

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Lahaina Harbor

Lahaina reef and harbor is the perfect place if you are looking for fun both on the waves and under them.

Not only is this beach on the west coast of the island perfect for snorkeling, but the waves you can catch out there are pretty impressive too. 

The two spots that you can find at Lahaina Harbor, and both a great for different levels of experiences when you are out on the waves.

Breakwall is a great spot for smaller waves where you can find your sea legs, whereas the deeper Lahaina harbor over the reef is the place to go if you consider yourself an experienced or intermediate surfer.

Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is one of the most popular spots on Maui for people to visit, and it isn’t exactly hard to see why.

With both a huge beach that stretched along the west coast of Maui, as well as a reef for exploring, it’s not hard to see why this beach is popular with everyone, from locals to tourists.

However, when the waves get a little wilder, Honolua is home to some of the best waves that you’ll find in Hawaii and even the rest of the United States.

When 4-time world surfing champion Mark Richard sings the praises of your beach, calling them ‘the best waves in the world, you know you’ve got something special on your hands.


If you are looking for a surfing spot that is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, then you are going to love Launipoko!

This is very much a beginner-oriented spot that you can find on West Maui, with nice, long, and rolling waves that are perfect for newcomers to get used to.

Plus, with a decent paddle to get to the ideal spot, you get used to the more arduous side of surfing as well. It’s all great prep!

The fact that it is such a good place for beginners to learn is probably its main issue: It’s almost always crowded, which can make it a little tricky to find a comfortable spot, especially if you are going on a busy day at the peak of summer.

However, if you can avoid the busiest hustle and bustle of tourist times, you’ll find the perfect place to learn the ropes (or waves, rather).

Ka’anapali Beach

Finally, we tail off our list of the best surfing spots with probably one of the most idyllic places to surf, Ka’anapali Beach.

With perfect sandy beaches and the perfect view of a Hawaiian sunset, the beach itself would already shoot this place up to a must-see location.

But when you combine a few rocks and the perfect depth, you get a place where the waves are consistently fun for those short bursts and rides that beginner and intermediate surfers can get to grips with the art.

For pretty much any sea-bound reason, Ka’anapali is a beach you should check out.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! There are plenty of beaches to pick from, no matter what level you are at. So grab your board, head out there, and get your surf on!

Richard Ennis