Best Time To Visit Hawaii

Hawaii is a tropical paradise off the coast of the United States. You can travel to Hawaii year round and get a new experience every time. With four main islands and sun year round there’s always a good time to make Hawaii your next holiday destination. 

Best Time To Visit Hawaii

With a range of cultures making up the islands including American, Japanese and Polynesion, Hawaii has a calendar of events that span the year so whatever month you decide to visit there will be some cultural enrichment for you to partake in. 

In this article we will break down the 12 months of the Aloha State so you can choose which month suits you best!


If you’re looking for some winter sun then January through to March is the ideal time to plan your island getaway. Avid surfers should holiday during the winter due to increased swell and height of the waves. 

Some notable events in January are the Cherry Blossom Festival celebrating Japanese music, dance and arts. The Ka Molokai’i Makahiki Festival and the Pacific Islands Arts Festival. 


February typically brings a drop in the trade winds Hawaii is usually in the path of, this means the calm February days are ideal for helicopter tours of the volcanic terrain.

Notable events in February are the Chinese New Year Celebrations, the Maui Whale Festival sees the celebration of one of Hawaii’s biggest marine attractions.

Finally, the Waimea Town Celebration Week sees a five week long celebration in a small town on the Garden Isle that draws a crowd of thousands.


Along with November, March is the wettest month of the year. If you’re planning a March getaway make sure to bring a raincoat. You may be thinking why would I travel to Hawaii when it’s rainy?

Well that is because there are plenty of events happening this month.

Hawaii Invitational International Music Festival is a competition between high school, junior high and college bands. The festival features free concerts and a parade on Waikiki beach.

The Honolulu Festival commemorates the range of ethnicities within Hawaii and takes place in the state’s capital. 

The other festivals in March are the Kona Brewers Festival and Prince Kuhio Festival which celebrates the first Hawiian delegate in US congress and the person responsible for uniting the islands of Hawaii. 


Now we get into the months most people will choose to holiday in Hawaii. From April to June the days become longer, the rainfall all but disappears and the seas calm meaning it is the perfect time frame to go snorkeling or sunbathing on the many beaches. 

These drier months allow for great hikes such as The Diamond Head Hike where you can find historical sites such as WW2 bunkers and provide incredible views of Oahu.

Specifically in April you can witness the Merrie Monarch Festival. The festival begins in Ho’loaule’a on Easter Sunday, the week long celebration reaches its climax with a large parade in the town of Hilo. 


In May you will find a range of festivals such as Lei Day, the most renowned custom in Hawaii. On this day, Hawiians show appreciation for the traditional day by wearing flower necklaces. 

The other event in May is the Celebration of the Arts Festival held at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Resort on Maui. This celebration encourages tourists to interact with the local artists and cultural practices. 

Best Time To Visit Hawaii


June is a very busy month in Hawaii with many events taking place. The Kamehameha Day Celebration commemorates King Kamehameha I. The celebration began during the Monarchy Era. 

Some other events are the Maui Film Festival and the Kapalua Wine and Film Festival.


July brings around Hawaii’s Independence Day, the weather much like the previous couple months remains hot. 

Other than Independence Day some other events that take place this month are the Ukulele Festival where on Waikiki beach you will find the festival celebrating the indigionus instrument and the Prince Lot Hula Festival. 


The big celebration in August is Statehood Day where the Aloha State commemorates the day they became part of the United States. The other events you will find in August are Made In Hawaii and the Korean Festival.


If you want to go on holiday to enrich the culture, then September is your month. The Aloha Festival showcases Hawaiian culture in what many call the main event of the year. 

But that is not all, you can also find the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival and the Queen Lili’uokalani Music Festival and Concert.


From October onwards the summer heat will start to fade but that does not mean the number of events for you to participate in will fall, in fact October sees just as much to do as September. 

For any budding athletes October sees the Ironman World Championship which isn’t for the faint hearted. This challenge requires you to swim 2.4 miles of open ocean, bike for 112 miles and then a 26.2 mile run. 

Some other events are the Hawaii International Film Festival, Halloween in Lahaina and the Maui Fair.


The quietest month for things to do, November along with March is the wettest month of the year so what better on a rainy day than a hot cup of coffee. Well the Kona Coffee Festival will make a drizzly November day one to remember. 

The only Coffee Festival in the USA which also features and celebrates the multi-ethnic pioneers of Kona Coffee. 


Finally we come to December so what can you do on a christmas getaway to Hawaii? Well quite a lot.

The Honolulu City Lights will allow you to see the fifty foot Christmas Tree in all its festive glory. Some other notable events are, The Honolulu Marathon, Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade, Festival of Lights Christmas Boat Parade, Santa Comes to the Beach. 

Finally there is Christmas in Polynesia where you can partake in a thrilling christmas scavenger hunt. This is for all the family. 

Richard Ennis