Best Waterfalls In Maui

It is no surprise to anyone with a working set of eyes that Hawaii and its surrounding islands are a place of incredible natural beauty.

From the shallow water that surrounds the archipelago to the tropical forests and woodlands dotted across the islands, to the active volcanoes that spew molten lava pretty much on the hour, depending on where you go. Hawaii has it all!

Best Waterfalls In Maui

However, when it comes to features of nature that are synonymous with beauty, many people would be hard-pressed to come up with anything that tops a waterfall.

And this island state is packed with them too!

To demonstrate just how many waterfalls there are in this tropical part of the world, we are going to show you just some gorgeous falls of the Hawaiian island Maui.

Twin Falls

Starting off our list with a classic island favorite, we have the Twin Falls of the Ho’olawa valley.

As the name suggests, this waterfall falls into a tranquil pool through two streams and is a classic example of the serene beauty of nature that waterfalls represent.

Sandwiched on the Road to Hana, this waterfall is often overlooked, as it is just off of the main highway that runs along the coast of the island.

And that’s a damn shame because, with such easy access from the highway roads, that might not only be one of the prettiest waterfalls on the island, but it is one of the most accessible too.

Considering how many others are restricted by private citizens, even though all beaches in Hawaii are public, this makes it a must-see if you are interested in the natural beauty of Maui, especially if you are looking to spend an hour or two resting whilst on the Hana highway.

Waimoku Falls

One of the most popular waterfalls to see while on Maui, the Waimoku falls are something to behold.

Located at the end of the Pipiwai trail, there is an approximately 2 and a half to 5-hour hike to get to see this fall, as well as some pretty high elevation to boot.

However, if you can get to it, the natural beauty of this waterfall will make that journey worth it.

With a 400-foot drop from the top to the bottom, this incredibly tall waterfall is one of the biggest features of this particular hike.

And considering that you will have also traveled through a luscious bamboo forest, as well as a huge banyan tree, that’s certainly saying something!

If you are looking for a nature-filled hike with a crowing water jewel to top it off with, then check out the Pipiwai Trail and Waimoku Falls.

Pua’a Ka’a Falls

The Hana highway is just packed foul of gorgeous waterfalls waiting to be found by road-weary travelers, isn’t it?

Once again located off of the highway in the state park of the same name, the Pua’a Ka’a Falls is located very close to the entrance to the park. It’s so close that it is visible from the entrance to the car park!

The 20-foot cascade that runs into a stream is idyllic, and may even make for a beautiful picnic if you have one prepared to take with you!

Not only that, but if you are prepared to hike a little, and are not afraid of height, intrepid state park explorers may be able to find a second waterfall higher up and deeper into the park.

So not only is this waterfall easy to find but is also accessible for everyone, as well as offering a little extra challenge for the people that want to get their boots muddy on a hike.

What’s there not to love?

Oheo Gulch

Nestled in a nook of Haleakala National Park, Oheo Gulch, also known as the Pools of Oheo, as well as the Seven Sacred Pools, the beauty of both the falls of this part of the park, as well as the water pools that surround them, are the very picture of natural serenity.

These pools are a very popular swimming destination in this corner of Maui, especially on clear sunny days, where they are the perfect place to take a dip in these beautiful blue waters.

And with it only being a 15-minute trail hike on the Kuloa Point trail, it is also pretty accessible.

Plus, the unique vegetation that lives and surrounds these falls will make you feel that you’ve stepped into a place long-forgotten by time. It’s almost fantastical how gorgeous the plant life here is.

The only thing to keep in mind is that these falls and pools are off-limits during and immediately after heavy rainfall, as the water levels and the intensity of the falls can be pretty dangerous.

Punalau Falls

For a waterfall that often goes under many people’s radars when they visit Maui, we have Punalau falls.

Like many of the other falls we have talked about in this guide, this cascade of freshwater is located off of the Hana Highway.

However, because the waterfall is both not visible from the highway itself, and immediate access to it is a little tricky, many people tend to pass this one by.

The hike is pretty challenging too, as a lot of the trail is full of rough volcanic rocks, and submerged rocks can make walking across them a challenge for the unprepared.

Make sure that you pack all the essential hiking gear, from boots, rubber gloves, and sticks too.

However, once you catch a glimpse of the towering 100-foot waterfall that this hike has hidden for you, you’ll see why so many who see it call it a gem of the island.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Maui is home to many waterfalls that would make this list of ‘world’s most beautiful falls’. And we’ve only just scratched the surface.

So grab your gear, and get ready to hike for the rest!

Richard Ennis