Free Things To Do In Oahu

The Hawaiian Island of Oahu is home to roughly one million people. This beautiful island, sometimes called ‘the gathering place,’ is the third largest island in Hawaii, and it’s home to some of Hawaii’s most loved attractions. Oahu attracts almost 600,000 visitors per month. That’s around 7 million visitors a year! Wondering what makes Oahu …

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Best Surfing In Maui

With some of the best waters in the world for riding the waves, it’s no wonder that surfing is such a popular pastime in Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, crystal-blue waters, and weather that is surprisingly calm for an island archipelago. What more could you want? Of course, with such an amazing abundance of places to set …

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Best Beaches In Maui

Is it any wonder that so many people flock to Hawai’i every day of every year? With natural people that few other parts of the world can compete with, as well as a booming tourist industry that leaves others looking lacking, by comparison, Hawaii (also known and spelled as Hawai’i in the native Hawaiian language) …

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